9 Essential Soft Skills to Advance Your Career

9 Essential Soft Skills to Advance Your Career
  1. Make People Feel Valued

The SHR Method: - Seen: Maintain eye contact, and offer sincere compliments. - Heard: Engage actively by asking insightful questions. - Remembered: Make follow-ups, remember names, and bring up past conversations.

  1. Refine Your Body Language (The 7-38-55 Rule)

Communication perception: - 7% from the words used - 38% from the tone of voice - 55% from body language

Stand confidently, smile, maintain eye contact, and offer a firm handshake to make a strong impression.

  1. Master the 4-Bullet Update

Keep updates concise and informative: - What you were asked to do - What you have accomplished - Any potential issues - Additional actions if time allows

  1. Analyze Your Communication Style

Record and review your conversations and presentations like an athlete reviews game footage. This practice helps refine your speaking skills and reduces filler words.

  1. Build Rapport Effectively

Use simple yet powerful questions to connect with others: - Ask about their living area, family, relationships, and travel plans. - These basics are often overlooked but hugely effective.

  1. Implement 'Friday Highlights'

Email a weekly recap to your team or leader: - Achievements from the week - Upcoming goals and tasks This builds trust, promotes accountability, and aids in self-review.

  1. Avoid Negativity

Steer clear of complaining and gossiping; it fosters a negative image. Always strive to maintain a positive and professional demeanor.

  1. Remember Names and More

People appreciate it when you remember their names and the names of their loved ones and pets. Make a note and mention them in your conversations to build deeper connections.

  1. Pursue a Personal MBA

Commit to continuous learning—read extensively about your field for 30 minutes daily. This self-driven MBA can transform your knowledge base and skill set.

By integrating these soft skills into your daily routines, you can significantly enhance your professional interactions and career progression. Enjoy your journey to personal and professional development!

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